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 Kotori's Mansion

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Isurugi Kotori
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Spy Student

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PostSubject: Kotori's Mansion   Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:19 pm

Kotori's Residence

Kotori memasuki rumahnya sambil menggenggam liontin yang diberikan oleh Gyakko itu. Ah, well, thats kinda cute of him rite.

Quote :

Dear diary

Well guess what Gyakko do to me today. Well maybe he's like some kind of dork, but yeah. He's kinda sweet to, he ask me out and ask me to be his girlfriend and comparing with the last Gyakko. A little bit of difference that he is more daring now. well I prefer a daring man than just some kind of dork. Ah, well guess thats all for today.

Kotori menutup diarynya untuk pergi tidur sampai keesokan harinya.



Wanna see whats the new Kotori can do?
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Kotori's Mansion
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