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 Voting for Event

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Yamamoto Shizuka
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Spy Student
Yamamoto Shizuka

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PostSubject: Voting for Event   Voting for Event Icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2008 4:22 pm

*dengan izin Nyao*

Untuk akhir fest, akan ada award, char cewek tercantik, char cowok terganteng, dan best couple

PM Char yang Kamu pilih, berhubung Pollnya ga cukup. Dilarang vot untuk char ndiri, dan 1 PM (Puppet Master)=Satu Vote

PM ke:

Hibari Minagi

dengan format

Quote :

Best Couple:
Most Beautiful Female Char:
Most Handsome Male Char:

buset kek iklan reg spasi blablabla

Voting for Event Sayafuninthesunsiggy
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Voting for Event
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